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What’s VegSky? It’s all in the name. At VegSky, you can order delivery online for all grocery stuff and many more. Checkout the our hot stuff 😊 How much does it cost to use ₹0 in most cities. We don't charge customers anything to use the service. How do I change or cancel my order? If your order is scheduled for ASAP delivery, then there already be in the process of preparing the order. For that reason, any changes or cancellations are best sent directly to us. If your order is scheduled for delivery at some point in the future, you can cancel or change the order up to one hour before the scheduled time. Go into your Order History, locate the “Awaiting order” and click the “Cancel order” button. What if I have a problem with my order? The fastest way to fix an issue is to customer support; we include their phone number on every confirmation email.

How do I use a promo code? Once you’ve added all the items you wish to order to your bag, press “Checkout. “Enter your promo code and press “Add.” Your bag will now reflect the discount. If you have multiple promos applied to your account, simply select the one you wish to use by clicking on it. In most cases, you cannot combine promotions or other offers.

Where do the ratings and reviews come from? All ratings and reviews come from the VegSky community, and a user can only leave a review after completing a purchase with us. Your opinions help members make informed decisions and they help us to improve our service with valuable customer commentary.

Why won’t the promo code / VegSky credit apply to my order? All available discounts appear on the checkout screen underneath the “Tip Amount” field. To use a discount on your order, make sure the box is selected; the text will become bold, and the discount will appear in your bag.

How does Tell-a-Friend work? If you love VegSky and you love free stuff, then get a load of this: You can earn ₹10 in credit for each friend that you get to sign up.

To get started, click the “Tell-a-Friend” tab in your account page. There you’ll see your unique share link which you can copy to send to friends. You can also click one of the buttons to automatically post it Facebook, tweet it, or email it.

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